Unlocking Policy

The term “locked” means that your Phone can only be used with Boost Infinite on the Boost Infinite Wireless network and cannot be activated on any other wireless carrier’s network. An “unlocked” Phone isn’t restricted to our network, and you may be able to use it with another wireless service provider.

If you purchase a Phone from us, we’ll unlock your Phone after you complete any financing plan you used to purchase your Phone. If you purchase a Phone from us and pay for it in full, your phone will be eligible to be unlocked right away. In either case, we’ll automatically unlock your Phone remotely within two (2) business days after your Phone becomes eligible for unlocking, without additional fee. However, if you meet the requirements and it’s not technically possible to unlock your Phone remotely, we will instead immediate notify to you that your Phone is eligible to be unlocked.

If you try to reprogram or activate your Phone on another carrier's network or change the Phone’s initial programming or settings, you may not be able to reactivate the Phone for use with the Service or other services we offer.

We’ll only activate Phones certified to work with Services we offer. We’re not able to unlock phones from other carriers.

If you believe that you meet the requirements of this Unlocking Policy, and would like to request that your Phone be unlocked, please contact us at 866-957-7772.

Unlocking for Military Personnel
Boost Infinite greatly appreciates the service that our U.S. military men and women provide at home and abroad. If you’re deployed overseas in the military, we’ll unlock your Phone if:

  • We’re technically able to perform an international SIM unlock for your Phone
  • You or a family member on your account with us is an active member of a branch of the United States military
  • You or a family member on your account with us has been issued overseas deployment papers
  • You are a current, authenticated Boost Infinite customer
  • Your account is in good standing

Military personnel deployed overseas can contact Boost Infinite Customer Care to request to an international SIM unlock by calling 866-957-7772.

Even if you satisfy the other conditions in this Unlocking Policy, we may refuse a request to unlock your Phone if we believe it would result in an abuse of these policies, The Deal or that it is part of an effort to defraud us or our customers.