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Boost Infinite Plans

Boost Infinite offers three plans: Infinite Unlimited, Infinite Unlimited+ and Infinite Access for iPhone. You can add up to 5 lines to an account with the ability to mix and match plans. Plus, customize your plans anytime with our suite of flexible Add-Ons.

Check out our quick reference chart below:

Infinite Access for iPhoneInfinite Unlimited+Infinite Unlimited
Best if you want the latest iPhone every year.Best if you want to get a new iPhone on us.Best if you want to bring your own phone.
- No trade-in required to get started
- Latest iPhone every year
- Titanium iPhone 15 Pro included today
- Access to America’s Smart Network™
- Unlimited talk, text & data
- Mexico & Canada talk, text & data
- Talk & text to over 200 global destinations
- iPhone 15 on us with eligible trade-in
- Unlimited talk, text & data
- Access to America's Smart Network
- Mexico & Canada talk, text & data
- Talk & text to over 200 global destinations
- Unlimited talk, text & data
- Superfast 5G coverage
- $25/mo. Forever.

If I have multiple lines, can I mix and match plans on the same account?

Yes! We make it super easy to mix and match any of our plans under the same account. Feel free to choose the best plan for the users on your account.

Can I change my plan?

Of course! Enjoy the flexibility to switch to a plan that suits your needs.

Upgrade: upgrades will take effect immediately and your next bill will show the difference of monthly charges for both plans in your current billing cycle and your new monthly cost for the next billing cycle.

Downgrade: downgrades will take effect on your next billing cycle and you’ll see two charges reflected on your bill: one final charge for your old plan and another charge for your new plan.



If you’re receiving any credits with your existing plan, changing plans may affect the credits you're receiving today. If you have questions about what a change of plan would mean for you, please reach out to our Customer Care team by dialing (866) 957-7772.

Can I change my plan if I have Infinite Access for iPhone?

Yes! We give you the freedom to change to the best plan for you. You can always change your plan through the Boost Infinite app, or by calling Customer Care at (866) 957-7772. Keep in mind, Infinite Access for iPhone is our only plan that gives you the latest iPhone every year, at no extra cost.

Please visit here to order yours today.

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