Boost Protect Terms

Boost Protect is optional device protection, which isn't required to purchase or lease wireless communication equipment.

Boost Protect is an optional protection program for your Phone. It is not required to buy a Phone from us. The program is NOT administered by us or our affiliates, but is provided by a third party called Zurich American Insurance Company (NAIC # 16535; Principal Address: 1299 Zurich Way, Schaumburg, IL 60196; Phone (847) 605-6000) and is sold by us (California License #6001050; Iowa License #3000914796; NY License #1591538) and administered by an agency called Likewize Agency, LLC. In California, the Agency is Likewize Insurance Agency, LLC. Coverage is subject to certain terms, conditions, and limitations. The coverage offered under this program may be available through another company (like Apple Care if you have an iPhone) and some coverage may be duplicated from coverage provided by your homeowners’ or other insurance policies. Since we’re not insurance brokers, it’s best to double-check any other insurance policy you may have for more info. Please refer to the certificate of coverage for your state for complete details, which can be found below.

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