How to Unlock Your Phone

Watch the video or follow the steps below to unlock your device.

Bring your favorite phone

In order to activate on our network, you must ensure that it's unlocked from your current carrier. This process usually only takes a few hours but can take up to a few days, so keep that in mind. Follow the steps below to ensure it isn't locked. Once you do, we’ll help you handle the rest.

  1. Pay off your phone in your current carrier's app or website.
  2. Confirm your phone is unlocked. You can do so by checking your current carrier's policies online. Some carriers keep devices locked for a certain amount of time after purchasing (e.g. Verizon locks phones for 60 days after purchase).
  3. If your phone is paid off and not locked by your current carrier, you can now submit an unlock request.

For information about unlocking your device, check these links from other carriers: