30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

New members are eligible to receive a full refund (including fees and taxes) for their wireless service if requested within 30 days after account creation. Even better, the service will continue until the end of the first billing cycle, even if you cancel it in the middle of the month.

Some extra services, like Add-Ons, purchased within the initial 30-day window are also eligible for a full refund. Keep in mind that any service purchased after the request for the cancellation was made isn’t eligible for a refund. You’ll also have to pay a prorated charge for Phone Protection if you have it.

How does this work if I'm financing a phone?

If you initiate a return on a financed phone, you’re still eligible to get a refund for the monthly premium that you paid. However, you'll have to initiate the return process within 10 days from the UPS shipment date, or you’ll be charged for the remaining balance of the phone on your next billing cycle.