Updating Carrier Settings

You might run into issues with using mobile data if your carrier settings aren't updated. Learn how to update your carrier settings for both Apple and Android phones in the guide below:


Updating carrier settings — Apple



Your carrier settings are up to date if you activated your iPhone with eSIM.

  1. Check your iOS version
    1. Open SettingsGeneralSoftware Update
  2. Update to iOS 15.2 or later. This is the minimum iOS version needed to work on the Boost Infinite network
  3. Return to the General page → About
    1. A pop-up will appear — it might take up to 30 seconds before you see this pop-up
  4. Tap Update on the pop-up, and verify that the carrier is at least Boost 49.1


Updating carrier settings — Android

With Android phones, the easiest and fastest way to update carrier settings is by downloading the CarrierApp from the Google Play store.


CarrierApp runs in the background and isn't displayed in your app menu. It will automatically detect your SIM card and configure your phone for you.

  1. Install CarrierApp from the Google Play store
  2. Restart your phone
    1. CarrierApp will update your carrier settings for you. Make sure you're running Android 7 or newer for CarrierApp to work

Installing CarrierApp won't affect your existing settings if you're still under your previous carrier during the transfer or port-out process to complete.


Uninstalling the app once you're finished will not affect your carrier settings.