Pre-Activation Checklist

Watch the video or follow the steps below to prepare for activation.

If you need more assistance, contact a Boost Buddy Activation Specialist at (833) 212-6678.

Activating is easy

If you're bringing your own phone, confirm your device is compatible with the Boost Infinite network

If you purchased a device from us, you don't need to worry about the following steps.

  1. Most phones released in the last 5 years are compatible with our network. If you have a newer, unlocked phone you're good to go. Here are some examples of compatible phones:
  • iPhone XR or newer
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 or newer
  • Galaxy Z Flip, Z Fold or newer
  • Google Pixel 5 or newer


Confirm Your Device Is Unlocked

Phones are typically locked to a carrier for either a certain time after purchase or if you still owe money on the device. Go to our Device Unlock page for more information about unlocking your device.

If you're bringing your phone number from your current carrier, you'll want to make sure you have the following information to successfully activate your Boost Infinite service.

  1. Most of the information you'll need from your current carrier can be found on your current bill. If your carrier does not provide a bill or you can't find one, reach out to our activation specialists and they will help you get the information!
    1. Account number
    2. Account owner's name
    3. Account billing address
    4. Number transfer PIN or Port-Out PIN
      1. If your current wireless carrier is AT&T: retrieve your port-out pin by calling PORT (7678) on your phone and following the prompts.
      2. If your current wireless carrier is Verizon: retrieve your port-out pin by calling #PORT (#7678) and following the prompts.

For more detailed transfer (porting) instructions, see our Number Transfer Guide

Once you've completed these steps and are ready to activate, go to our website to get started or call our activation specialists at (833) 212-6678. We'll get you set up!