The Rules of the Road

(aka) the Acceptable Use Policy

Effective Date: June 22, 2023

These are the Rules of the Road for your Phone and Services. They cover some categories and examples that are acceptable and some that are prohibited when you use our website or our network. Other parts of The Deal also talk about some things you aren’t allowed to do, so make sure you look at those too. We want everyone to love their Boost Infinite service, and we need to make sure that it’s not used in a way that harms others. You agree to follow these rules whenever you use our network or the Services. These rules change sometimes and you must always follow the version in effect when you are using the website or the Services.

Lawful Use

Don’t access or use our website or use the Services in ways the law doesn’t allow, including sending or storing anything that is illegal, harmful, or violates any laws. Also, don’t use the website or the Services in ways that cause harm to others, including our website and network. We have the right to decide if something you do, or don’t do, causes any such harm.


Don’t infringe anyone’s intellectual property rights. These are things such as copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, privacy, and publicity. Examples of violations are unauthorized use of pictures, logos, software, articles, musical works, and videos.

Offensive Materials

Don’t send or store anything that is libelous, defamatory, obscene, indecent, sexually explicit, cruel, harassing, threatening, inciting violence, promoting bigotry, racist, harmful, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, inflammatory, or otherwise objectionable. Do remember that the person you are interacting with is also a real human being. Also, don’t access or use our website or the Services to view, send, store, or use in any way any sort of child pornography.

Excessive Use of Network Resources

You are not allowed to use excessive data or an excessive amount of our network resources (including, without limitation, excessive amounts of data from roaming, and/or hotspot use). It can disrupt or degrade our network. Some examples of the things you are not allowed to do are unattended streaming, downloading, or uploading of videos or other files, or the operation of hosting services. Excessive use is determined by us in our sole discretion.

Phone Usage; Modification

Your use of the Phone you buy or finance from us for the Services must be for normal consumer usage. For example, don’t cable your Phone to any unaffiliated location. Don’t use your Phone as a modem for or tether it to computers or other equipment. Don’t use any devices (such as Phones) that are incompatible with our network. We have the right to block the use of any such devices.

Prohibited Uses

Your account is for personal use only and you can’t use it for commercial purposes like telemarketing, autodialing, or monitoring. You can’t share your service or hotspot with the public, do any “traffic pumping”, toll calls or allow your Phone to connect to a never-ending call or data use session.


Don’t resell the Services to anyone else.

Fraudulent Conduct

Don’t use your Phone, Services, or our website to commit fraud, such as make-money-fast schemes, chain letters, or pyramid schemes.


Don’t impersonate others or claim you represent them or act for them unless you have their consent to do so. This includes businesses as well as individuals. Don’t use fake or forged headers, invalid or fabricated domain names, or other types of deceptive addressing.

Third-Party Network or Website Policies

If you use your Phone, Services, or our website to access networks or websites that are not ours, do follow their rules and policies.

Harmful Content

Don’t send or post things that might harm our network or other networks, such as viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, zombies, cancelbots, or any other harmful computer programs or routines.

Malicious Communications

Don’t send spam, mass automated communications, or other abusive unsolicited content.

Network Security and Integrity

Don’t violate or compromise the security of our network, such as hacking (e.g. gaining unauthorized access to the network, accounts, or systems of us or anyone else), monitoring data or traffic without permission, interfering with or overloading networks or services (such as denial of service attacks or mail bombing), falsifying origin or routing information, or attempting to avoid or circumvent any restrictions, limitations or security measures we use with our website, network or your Services.


Boost Infinite supports every person's right to express themselves openly, and as such, will not remove/hide any content or posts from our platform, unless they violate The Deal, the Rules of the Road, or the Terms of Use for the associated Social Media platform, such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and others. Follow our Do’s and Don’ts below for the best experience on our Social Media platforms. Please note that any user content contributed by the community does not reflect the views and opinions of Boost Infinite, DISH Wireless L.L.C., its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, or shareholders.

Do treat others with respect, kindness, and civilityDon’t Utilize any advertising, sales messages, spam (or repeated, multiple posts of a similar nature), or information directing users off the page
Do talk and discuss Boost InfiniteDon’t misuse hashtags and trending topics
Do post original content free of spam-like copy/pasting tacticsDon’t post any content with the purpose of impersonating another individual.
Do keep yourself and those around you safe by refraining from posting your private information, such as personal phone numbers, and account informationDon’t post any content that violates any local, state, or federal laws

Violations of These Rules

Using our judgment alone, if we believe that you are violating these Rules of the Road (including, without limitation, excessive use of data or network resources), the terms of The Deal, or that you are using the Services in a way that negatively affects us, our customers, network, property, reputation, or Services, we can suspend or terminate your account without notice.

Questions, Comments, and Abuse

If you want to report any violations of the Rules of the Road, other than those concerning child pornography, please email us at [email protected]. To make a report concerning child pornography, please contact us ASAP using the Boost Infinite App, or call us at (866) 957-7772.