Welcome Republic Wireless by Dish Customers

Republic Wireless by DISH is transitioning to Boost Infinite

Who is Boost Infinite?

Boost Infinite is a wireless carrier focused on delivering a simple, reliable and affordable mobile experience. Even better? Infinite will continue to provide the excellent service you expect on the same network you currently use.

As a Republic Wireless by Dish customer, what should I expect from Boost Infinite?

  • You will lock in affordable wireless just for $25/mo. Forever.
  • You will keep your phone and number.
  • You'll continue to use the same great network you use today.

I'm a Republic customer, how do I transition my service over to Boost Infinite?

It's simple. If you haven't already, visit boostinfinite.com/republic to transition to Boost Infinite.



The step above is required to avoid service disruption.

I've activated my phone after transitioning to Boost Infinite, what's next?

Please follow the steps below to start using your Boost Infinite service.

  1. Restart your phone: This will allow your phone to correctly provision to our network.
  2. Download the Boost Infinite app: Once in the app, you can: manage your account settings, view bills and more.
    1. If you have an iPhone, set up your account on our website.
  3. Update your Credit Card information: If you haven't already, update your credit card information to avoid any service disruptions. To do so:
    1. Download the Boost Infinite app
    2. Click Settings & Select Payment Methods
    3. Update your Payment Method

I need help transitioning my Republic service to Boost Infinite

No problem, we're here to help. Please reach out for dedicated support by dialing (833) 558-5820.