Activating Your iPhone 15

Important instructions for activating your new iPhone 15 via eSIM

How to Activate Your New iPhone

Once your new iPhone arrives in the mail, follow these steps to get activated on our network:

  1. Connect your new iPhone to Wi-Fi.
  2. Use Quick Start to set up your new iPhone and transfer your data (if applicable).



When Quick Start is complete, your new iPhone will prompt you to “Set Up Cellular”. Select “Not Now”. We’ll activate your device in the next step.

  1. Visit and follow the on-screen instructions. Here, you’ll activate your new iPhone and transfer your number, if you want. For details on what you’ll need to transfer your number to Boost Infinite, visit our Number Transfer Guide.

Accidentally Tapped "Set Up Cellular"?

No worries! Connect with one of our Boost Buddy Activation Specialists via chat (orange chat icon in the bottom right) or by calling (833) 212-6678.