Explore our suite of plan extras for things like more data, more hotspot & international features.

You can only enable Add-Ons after your Boost Infinite account is fully set up and activated. Once you’ve done that, you can easily pick and choose any Add-On through the Boost Infinite app, or by reaching out to Customer Care at (866) 957-7772.

What happens if I enable Add-Ons in the middle of my billing cycle?

When you activate an Add-On mid-billing cycle, you gain instant access to its features. Your subsequent bill will display two charges: the amount for the initial month and the charge for the current month. Rest assured, this is not a double charge; the Add-On will only appear twice on your first bill after activating on a line.

How do I remove Add-Ons from my line?

If you don’t need an Add-On anymore, no worries! They can be removed at any time, but you’ll still continue to enjoy the benefits until the end of your current billing cycle. Keep in mind, full charges will apply for that billing cycle, even if removed early. You also can't remove Add-Ons if your account is in a suspended status.

Can I use the High-Speed Data 10GB as a Hotspot?

Yes! Your extra High-Speed Data 10GB data is eligible to be used as a hotspot.

What international features are available?

Our International Add-Ons allow you to stay connected with the people you love, worldwide.

If you want to make calls, send texts (both SMS and MMS), or use your phone with 5GB of roaming in Mexico or Canada, we’ve got your back with our North America Connect Add-On for just $10/mo.

For $10/mo. with our Global Talk & Text Add-On, you’ll be able to make unlimited calls to 80+ countries, send texts to 200+ countries.

To ensure you have uninterrupted data while traveling outside the US, make sure Data Roaming is toggled ON in your phone settings.

What hotspot features are available?

Hotspot features give you the ability to turn your phone into a high-speed access point by drawing from your premium data.

For just $10/mo., you can use up to 30GB per billing cycle as a hotspot.