International Services

What international services does Boost Infinite offer?

The Infinite Unlimited+ and Infinite Access Plans include North America Connect, which allows you to stay in touch while traveling throughout Canada and Mexico. These plans also include Global Talk & Text, which allows you to talk and text from the U.S. to over 200 destinations. Check out the full list of destinations and details here.

For the Infinite Unlimited Plan, North America Connect and Global Talk & Text are available for just $10 each.

What options do I have to call and text when traveling outside of North America?

  • Wi-Fi calling is a free feature for many devices and is a great solution when traveling abroad.

Enable Wi-Fi calling on your device: (do this before you leave North America.)

In addition to Wi-Fi calling, there are other communication apps that can help you stay connected while you are traveling internationally. Below are some examples that work over Wi-Fi and only require an internet connection.

  • WhatsApp
  • FaceTime
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Skype

Get an international eSIM for data roaming at

Purchasing and activating an international eSIM at allows you to use data while traveling abroad.

Compatibility: iPhone XR and newer are compatible with eSIM. Many other devices are compatible, click here to find out if your device is eligible.

Important Note: Your phone must be unlocked to utilize an eSIM purchased at

Activate a SIM card with a wireless provider local to the country you are visiting

After activating with a local provider, simply replace your Boost Infinite SIM card with the newly activated local SIM card. Please remember to keep your Boost Infinite SIM card in a safe place so you can swap it back when you return home.

If you're using an eSIM, you can switch seamlessly between your Boost Infinite and local eSIMs in your device settings.

Important Note: Your phone must be unlocked in order to use another network’s SIM card. If you have any questions, please call us at +1 (702) 984-7441 to talk to an international specialist.